Fijne reviews

Terwijl wij het Shiiine On festival bezochten in de UK, bracht het Londense indie platenlabel The Animal Farm onze single You Keep Me On Track uit.

De eerste reviews zijn al verschenen. Wat denk je van deze coole quote uit de review in RGM Press: In an era where nostalgia often overshadows innovation, LEMON manages to strike a balance between homage and evolution. As the Madchester groove pulses through “You Keep Me On Track,” it’s evident that LEMON is not just keeping up with the past; they’re shaping the future of indie music.

Of van deze in Plastic Magazine: It’s an infectious groove that’s guaranteed to out a smile on your face and make you want to move that builds to a dazzling finale of shimmering vocal work and vibrant instrumentation.

Deze in Illustrate Magazine is ook fijn: Dutch indie rock sensation Lemon, signed under London indie label Animal Farm, has unveiled their latest gem, “You Keep Me On Track,” today. The track traverses through psychedelic landscapes, propelled by jamming guitars, thumping drums, and an ethereal blend of hazy vocals.

De song is aan heel veel Spotify playlists toegevoegd, ook door Pinguin Radio opgepikt etc. etc. Happy, happy!

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